Most people experience feelings of sadness, disappointment, or low moods from time to time.  However when a person is suffering from depression, these feelings are prolonged and persistent and can result in loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities. Symptoms of depression can also include sleep difficulties, fatigue, impaired concentration and decision-making, feelings of worthlessness, excessive guilt, and thoughts of suicide or feeling life is not worth living.  Depression is a debilitating disorder and can interfere with the person’s daily life and relationships.

For some people, depression develops following a stressful life event.  However for other people there is no obvious trigger.

Psychological treatment for depression involves understanding the negative cycle of depression and learning how to make the necessary changes to your life to overcome depression.  This includes learning skills and techniques to change unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviours that contribute to and maintain depression.  Psychological therapy for depression can help you to improve your mood and functioning and result in you feeling more confident and hopeful about the future.