Anxiety & Panic

Anxiety is a normal emotion which occurs as a reaction to a stressful situation.  The experience of anxiety varies from person to person however it is usually associated with feeling stressed, worried or apprehensive, along with physical sensations such as a churning stomach, increased heart rate, sweating, or feeling light-headed.
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Most people experience feelings of sadness, disappointment, or low moods from time to time.  However when a person is suffering from depression, these feelings are prolonged and persistent and can result in loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities. Read More


Any event that involves experiencing or witnessing actual or threatened death, serious injury, or violence has the potential to be traumatic.  Traumatic events can include serious accidents, injury, physical or sexual assault, abuse, armed robbery, war, terrorism, and natural disasters. Other less severe but still stressful situations can also trigger traumatic reactions in some people. Traumatic events include things that happen to you directly or to someone you are close to, or it may be an event you saw happen to someone else. Read More


We all experience stress from time to time.  There are many things that can cause stress such as work issues, financial difficulties, and relationship problems. Read More


People tend to use substances such as alcohol or other drugs to either increase pleasure or decrease emotional discomfort.  Some people engage in activities that also have a pleasurable effect, such as gambling, shopping, or sexual activity. Read More

Grief & Loss

Grief is an intense emotional and physical reaction which is experienced at times of loss.  This can include loss through death, divorce, or other separation.  It can also include loss associated with infertility, a failed pregnancy, illness and/or disability, or the loss of a job or other important role. Read More